Conference 24 November 2016


Thursday 24 November 2016 Danish Minister for Environment and Food Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen hosted a conference on handling chemical risks across consumer products, environment and food.

130 experts and stakeholders participated in the conference.

The subject of the conference is  how to address  chemicals to ensure a healthy environment for healthy people underlining the necessity of dealing with the effects of chemicals from both consumer products, the environment and our food. A focus that includes combination effects.

The aim of the conference is to create ideas for the Danish input to the EU Strategy towards a Non-Toxic Environment to be developed as part of the 7th Environment Action Programme of the EU.

The key speakers at the conference are some of Europe's leading researchers in the field of chemicals  and representatives of European key stakeholders .

The conference gathered  representatives from the European Commission, EU institutions, national research institutions, national competent authorities, European industries and NGO's dealing with consumer and environmental questions.