24 November 2016, Sørup Herregård, Ringsted

Reservations for alterations in the programme, which will be regularly updated with names of key speakers etc.

  • Conference agenda and process by facilitator Mr. Peter Woodward.
  • The Danish perspective by Danish Minister for Environment and Food Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen.
  • European Environment Agency: Environmental outlook by Executive Director Dr. Hans Bruyninckx.
  • Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies: Future trends in European production and consumption patterns by Anne Dencker Bædkel, futurist and sociologist. 
  • Participant's reflections.
  • European Commission: How de we build the strategy for a non-texic environment?  By Deputy Head of Unit DG Environment, Cristina de Avila. 
  • Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management: Horizontal measuren to address toxic chemicals in the environment, food and consumer products by Deputy Director General Thomas Jakl.
  • Participant's reflections.

 Key stakeholder perspective on challenges and areas for further action:

  • Department of Growth and Reproduction at The Juleane Marie Centre, Rigshospitalet: Sensitive and vulnerable risks groups in chemical risk assessment and management by Professor Niels Erik Skakkebæk.
  • National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Netherlands: Risk benefit assessments: models of aggregate exposure from food and environment by Professor Jacob van Klaveren.
  • Brunel University, London: Combination effects of chemicals, including endocrine disruptors. by Dr. Andreas Kortenkamp.
  • European Food Safety Agency: Managing the risk of chemicals in food and feed by Dr. Guilhem de Seze.
  • European Chemicals Agency: Managing the risk of industrial chemicals and biocides by Dr. Jack de Bruijn.

With a view to identify ideas for a Danish input to the EU Strategy towards a Non-Toxic Environment, The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark has asked the Danish Chemicals Forum to formulate four themes to be discussed at the workshop. The four themes are: 

1.    Endocrine Disruptors

2.    Chemical Mixtures

3.    Substances in articles and imported products 

4.    Processing contaminants in the food industry 

The outcome of the workshop will be brought forward to the following panel discussion.

Detailes  on the workshop themes

  • Panel feed back and political discussion of key messages and recommendations on the options to address the challenges.
    In the panel:
  • Urban Boije af Gennäs, Seconded National Expert DG Environment
  • Jack de Bruijn, Director of Risk Management, ECHA
  • Karin Klitgaard, Director, Environmental Policy, the Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Tatiana Santos, Senior Policy Officer, The European Environmental Bureau