Nature fauna and flora

Fauna and flora

There are approximately 30,000 plant and animal species in Denmark. The Ministry of Environment of Denmark works to protect these species and monitors, for example, how populations are affected by hunting and agriculture.
The Ministry has the overall responsibility for the regulation with regard to fauna and flora. All reptile and orchid species in Denmark are protected, there are rules concerning conduct and hunting in nature reserves, and potentially harmful genetically modified plants may not be released into nature. 

At international level, the Ministry works with satellite tracking of whales in Danish waters and monitors trade in endangered animals and plants.


Beaches, heath, forests, meadows and bogs are all part of Denmark's natural environment. The Ministry of Environment of Denmark has overall responsibility for protecting nature and it's unique landscapes and cultural values including historic monuments.

The Ministry works with nature preservation and restoration to ensure, for example, that heaths are not taken over by forests and that natural watercourses are restored. The Ministry is responsible for establishing nature wildlife reserves in order to improve the living conditions for animal and plant life.

In addition, the Ministry monitors natural development in Denmark and Greenland.