Danish gastronomy should create mouth-watering experiences around the world

Publiceret 12-03-2019

The Danish government has launched its Gastro 2025, which aims to strengthen Danish gastronomy, attract tourists, and promote sustainability.

For the past two decades, Denmark has become one of the leading countries in the world in the field of gastronomy. The Danish government wants to strengthen and develop this fore front position and has therefore launched its Gastro 2025-initiative.

- Over the last 15 years Danish chefs have managed to put Denmark on the gastronomic world map. The government would like to help recognize this effort and advance its contributions to sustainability, economy, and culture. We must ensure that the gastronomy benefits us all through healthier food, increased tourism and exports, says Minister of Environment and Food Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

The plan entails a gastronomy academy which will be internationally recognized, attracting both Danish and foreign chefs, farmers, and food professionals who have ambitions to promote sustainable production and consumption of food. It will also maintain Denmark’s place on the map as the setting for cultivating knowledge and innovation in gastronomy.

The academy will bridge the gap between traditional culinary schools, business degree programs, and executive management seminars and provide the skills, tools, and perspectives essential for cultivating sustainability and innovation within the hospitality industry. 

Examples of the Academy’s activities would include: the highest quality courses, interdisciplinary exchanges, and dissemination of knowledge via lectures, workshops, and digital platforms.

Establishing and running the academy is a service of general economic interest – a public service task – which the government has allocated to the non-profit organization, the Committee of MAD Symposium (MAD). The ambition is to create an institution that will be internationally sought-after and recognized for strengthening the gastronomic sector in its efforts to bring about environmental and behavioral change towards a sustainable way of living, as expressed in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Overall, there are seven initiatives in the plan (read more about the initiatives here):

1. Gastronomy Academy
2. Joint Marketing
3. World Food Summit - Better Food for More People
4. Culinary Diplomacy
5. Export Promotion - alliances and simplification
6. Gastronomic Travelling Squad
7. Fund for Culinary Development

The proposal is set at DKK 40 million over four years from 2019-2022. In addition, the Finance Act of 2019 has set aside a pool of DKK 2.5 million for 2020 and DKK 7.0 million annually in 2021-22 in support of culinary and gastronomic development.

Further information: 
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