The Department

The Department is the political arm of the organisation.

The main tasks of the Department are: policy development, minister related service and management.
The Department assists the Minister in general policy formulation and acts as a secretariat in matters that require the Minister's attention or involvement.
Furthermore, the Department may act on its own initiative in political matters within the relevant sectors of the Ministry, and follow up on political measures taken in the Danish Parliament (Folketing) relating to the environment.
The Department is in charge of the general management of the Minister's portfolio; the Department at the overall level directs and coordinates the work of the Ministry's directorates and institutions.

Moreover, decisions taken by directorates and institutions may normally be appealed to the Minister/the Department.
It is furthermore the responsibility of the Department to coordinate  legislative issues, conduct international negotiations, maintain contact with departments in other ministries and other relevant partners, as well as to coordinate the Ministry's personnel, communication, information and IT policies.


Organisation chart in englishThe organisation chart

Permanent Secretary Henrik Studsgaard is head of the Department.

The Department has a staff of approximately 2,000 divided into to sections:

  • Environment
  • Land Use and Nature

The department also includes a number of counsellors which are posted to a number of Danish Missions abroad, where they perform political and export-related tasks. 

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